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Call 603-217-2132 NOW for your fall and winter CHIMNEY CLEANING. At Green Team NH Cleaning, we don’t sweep it under the rug. Book online or by phone, take advantage of your discount coupon.

Tonight. All day you’ve been looking forward to tonight. The leaf piles you are raking are growing, the lawn, still hopefully green in spots has had it’s last feed of fertilizer and the coveted roses bushes are tenderly wrapped up in swaths of burlap, their bud heads snipped and trimmed just sleeping in stasis until the warmth of next spring…a mere 4 months away. As you stretch your lower back and lug the leaf pile to curbside for pick up, you cover your eyes, squint and look up at the clean white smoke billowing from the top of your chimney. Smiling, you return to finish the disposal of the last vestiges of leathered brown leaves…knowing that the handy dandy DIY chimney cleaning log is doing it’s thing so you can enjoy a blazing fire tonight...

25,000 or 9-1-1:

1:26 a.m. 9-1-1. How can I direct your call? Address? I am dispatching all available emergency vehicles to your location right now, please be advised to vacate the premises immediately and stay on the cell phone with me. The fire trucks should be there within 5 minutes.

Welcome to the longest 5 minutes of your life. 25,000 others every winter across the US have experienced the same stomach churling horror of a chimney fire. At Green Team NH Cleaning, we NEVER want you to be a part of that exclusive club which is why we are offering you an IMMEDIATE discounted chimney cleaning TODAY.

Your chimney is a duct and who better knows the ins and outs of duct cleaning from furnaces to air conditioners than your year-round seasoned pros? From routine service to quick and immediate 24 hour emergency weekend availability, our service area covers a 20 mile radius outside of Nashua, NH as well.


Don’t ignore the warning signs by using a cleaning log. While deemed the “easiest way” to safely and effectively clean your chimney, all you are doing is turning your cheek away from the tell-tale clues from a poorly maintained flue:

  • Long lingering damp wood smell after a fire.
  • Smokey backdrafts that won’t ascend the chimney when lit.
  • Stark white mantle bricks and rough crumbly mortar.
  • Fires that refuse to stay lit.

Our service pros will assess every possible weak spot during their thorough inspection and cleaning and by utilizing a wide assortment of brushes, brooms and rakes, they will muster their way through the grime and potentially disastrous creosote sludge before it coats and cements onto the bricks like an oil slicked glue. From hearth to cap, your chimney will be outfitted for the season and your liner will be finer for the care and repair.

Save the DIY logs for in between mid-season cleans as they do break up some of the chemicals in creosote but basically, that’s the extent of it. Think of them like the helping hand that loosens the jar lid. If you are more interested in DIY, then we invite you to book online with us. You’ll have the same booking options available to you in a simple process. You can choose the day and time and after answering a few questions, you’ll be on your way to a healthier tomorrow and a cleaner today.

Social distancing has everyone scrambling to take extra precautions this winter and there is a rise in people using their fireplaces for the first time in years; prompting the NEED for a PROFESSIONAL ENVIRO-FRIENDLY chimney sweep to guarantee your annual chimney inspection pass. Our trained service crew will arrive on time, and in accordance with CDC protocol regarding the proper usage of PPE’s, get your fireplace roaring back to brilliant life in no time.

Rising fuel costs, alternative heating sources, even changes in your home/renters insurance may leave you left out in the cold so follow the rest and entrust the top sweeps who KNOW ducts and how to line them up. Our time slots are filling fast so before you give thanks this season, gift yourself with a reason to celebrate safely and warmly with your loved ones. At Green Team NH Cleaning, our commitment is your comfort while we give back to the eco structure by letting in the clean air.

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